Monday, 12 December 2011

My Hobby Is Collecting Stamps

Never in my answer "my hobby is collecting stamps" when teacher ask me "what is your hobby?". That story happened in my childhood days.

When I was in form 1, then my answer to "what is your hobby" is collecting stamps. It is like a weird hobby. Because there was only me.

It started when one day, my father bring back home a few new stamps. The stamps is really beautiful with a butterfly picture on it. Then, I keep 2 pieces in a bottle. After my family found out that I love stamps, they always keep every stamps they got for me :)

I have only stamps of Malaysia. I never know that we can buy a stamps in shopping mall. Hehe. Then, I bought a lot of stamps from shop. There is many country like Great Britain, Australia and much more. Then, I got an idea, why not have a pen pal? I will have stamp wherever I've got mail. I also swap stamps with my pen pal.

My stamps grew. I like my stamps very much. You know what, my mother also interested in collecting stamps since she was a child. She said that she forget to bring along her stamp albums when she married to my father! Oh God...if not, I will inherited it. Hehe.

To share with you, a joy of collecting stamps, I will give you number one to number three commentators, the stamps above. One person, one stamp. Hurry Up!

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