Saturday, 17 December 2011

Conversations With The Fat Girl - Liza Palmer

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Buying Price: RM35.90
ISBN: 0340 89826 7
Pages: 289 pages
Year: 2005
Condition: Good


Taunted for being 'the fat girls' at school, Maggie and Olivia swore to be best friends forever. But now they've grown up is their friendship big enough to survive?

Maggie's dreams remain unfulfilled. She works in a coffee shop, has never shifted the pounds, and harbours a painfully unrequited crush on her colleague. Worse still, she's agreed to be bridesmaid for the now size 6 (after surgery) Olivia, who has found her Mr Perfect as well as lots of new, more fashionable friends.

As emotions run high in the tension-filled lead-up to Olivia's wedding, both girls are forced to look squarely in the mirror and confront some harsh home-truths about themselves and each other...

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